Sunday, November 14, 2010

28 days of no soda...

So here I am on the opposite side of 28 days of absolutely no soda of any kind.  And the question is whether or not I am all the better for it.  Now I'll be honest... I totally said that I would blog every day and obviously I did not.  I have no excuse.  Life is busy.  I get tired.  Annnnd I'm lazy.  But I have kept up with weighing myself every day and Jon and I both have an ending weight that is different from our starting weight.  However, it is not what I expected, and I will let you take from it what you will. 

Here is our beginning weight:

Jonathan:  169.0
Gina:  140.4

And... drumroll please -

Jonathan:  166.6 (-2.4 lbs)
Gina:  136.8 (-3.6 lbs)

As you can see, both Jon and I did lose some weight.  Now if this loss was because we weighed ourself first thing in the morning or if mine is because I am breastfeeding - I will let you decide.  Honestly?  I thought I would lose like 10 lbs because I drink at least a soda or two a day normally.  I was a little disappointed.  However, it is a little less than a pound a week which in actuality isn't too bad.  My weight has fluctuated up and down since I've started, (one day 139 the next 137 then back up to 140) so it's pretty hard to say that it's all from a lack of soda.  In the end though - the good thing is that I didn't GAIN any weight.  Which I have to say is a good benefit!

I think the best thing that came from this for me is the fact that I now know that I can set a goal for myself and make it.  No soda for 28 days.  That's pretty good for me.  I'm proud of myself!  However, Jon and I will be breaking the "soda fast" tonight.  We normally would have done it tomorrow - but since he will be out of town (and it's a whole lot more fun to do this together) we will watch a movie, eat some popcorn, and enjoy a nice cold one - soda of course!

I think my next goal is to watch my portions.  I think for the next couple of months, I'm going to try weight watchers.  My goal is to lose 10% of my weight which is about 13 lbs which will take me to about 124 lbs.  I don't personally think that I'm overweight, but I do know that I have some extra poundage that I would love to lose from having two kids.  I want to feel more comfortable and more confident, and since I could go 28 days with no soda, I think I can go a couple of months counting calories to see how much I really intake.  (I love my sweets!)  I'm motivated by a friend of mine who lost 25 lbs in 10 weeks.  How awesome is that?!  And she looks amazing.  What better motivation is that than a friend with a great success story?! 

Thank you to those who have followed a long on the few blog posts I've written and for all of your encouragement.  It was knowing that you were there cheering me on that kept me going!

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the thompsons said...

i'm so impressed! and i say, drink soda! it's so good for you. don't do the diet...go right to the good stuff. lerve you!