Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy weekend...

So our family has just returned from a crazy busy weekend. OK - time to finally take a breather! For a mother's day and father's day combination gift, Jon and I set out to Richmond to take a nice break from "reality". Grandma Dickinson was ecstatic to get a chance to watch Emma for us and watched her for two whole nights. I must say how proud I am of myself for letting go - no tears were shed (my first time leaving Emma overnight). Although, I frequently missed my baby, it was so nice to be "young" again.

Our first night there, we stayed at a really nice hotel called "The Jefferson". It was well above and beyond any hotel we had ever stayed at. I still believe that the valets and concierges are laughing at us. Tipping and leaving our things behind are not normal for us! They offered 24 hour room service, complimentary car service (oh yeah baby), valets, and the most bheautiful check-in area ever.

That night we also headed out, dressed up I might add, to Bookbinders. Totally fitting with our wonderful and special hotel experience, we enjoyed five star food also! I'm still not able to fully contemplate that I ate every single morsal off of my plate and half of the dessert. I don't think that would be proper etiquette at such a nice restaurant, but hey, I'm not going to pass up such good food!

The next day was spent shopping, going to the movies, and eating at the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite restaurant!) We spent one more night in Richmond and then headed home for Joel's graduation!

My love for Godiva Chocolate!

All in all, this was a crazy busy, totally wonderful, and beautiful weekend. :)