Friday, October 29, 2010

Random meanderings...

I am sitting here on my bed just trying to figure out how to put the last week into words (and listening to Emma - out in the living room, putting a DVD on to watch.  Miss Little Independent).  It has been a super crazy busy week - which has its good and wonderful moments but it has its crappy (sorry, this is the best I could come up with... my brain has become mush!) moments. 

My husband flew out early Monday morning and spent the week in Connecticut.  Since his last trip, we have come up with some new terminology for my daughter to understand what is going on.  When he traveled earlier in the month, I told Emma that Daddy was at work.  I figured that this was as good an explanation as any and would end the conversation pretty much there.  It did.  It worked, and although Emma asked throughout the week, it didn't seem to matter too much to her.  She was thoroughly excited to talk to Daddy on the phone, but didn't seem to realize that we hadn't seen him in days.  However, last week, when Jonathan was in Roanoke working, we realized our mistake.  On Monday morning when Jon was telling Emma goodbye, she had a massive meltdown.  She sobbed uncontrollably and kept yelling for Daddy... We understood at this point that Emma thought that Jon was going away and wouldn't come back for awhile since that is what happened the last time he went to work.  We now have new terminology.  During this last week, we told her that Daddy was going to work - we even went to the office so that Emma could understand what "work" meant.  When we dropped Jonathan off at the airport this past Monday, we told Emma that Daddy was traveling.  Of course, this meant that all week long Emma thought that he was flying.  Oh well.  At least she seems to be comprehending it so much better!

I've also come to the realization that without Jon here, my daughter is absolutely attached to my leg.  She follows me everywhere - to go take the laundry downstairs, to take a shower, to go to the bathroom... oh my.  Right now is the most alone I've been in a week's time (don't worry, I can hear Emma - she is less than 20 feet away playing with her Disney Princesses... lol).  I will have to say that baby Carter seems to take the transition well - of course, he really is only three months old and is lucky to realize that his fist is not the same as his pacifier.  Poor boy... haha!

I can also happily say that I have gone 12 days without drinking any soda.  I am sad to say that I have only lost a couple of pounds though - and I definitely don't feel any different.  I do massively crave soda - especially since it has been so warm.  There is nothing like a cold glass of soda on a hot day!  We will have to see what happens in the next 16 days or so to see if I will totally stop drinking soda at all.  But at this point, it's not looking good!  :)

Well now that I've spent some time jotting down my random thoughts, my precocious 2 year old is demanding some attention.  May you all have a lovely Halloween weekend!


Nic said...

My poor Geanbean! :( I'm so wish that we were closer to each other so I could keep you company while your hubby is gone...but I do want to tell you that I am seriously craving a soda today but have not had one because I CAN'T CHEAT ON YOU! I'm hangin' in there & you need to make it, too!YOU CAN DOOOOOO IT!

the thompsons said...

Gina! I lerve you :) miss you tons. we are both in VA & why haven't we seen each other more!?!?!? this must end.