Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2. Something that inspires you

There is no one on this earth who inspires me as a parent more than my best friend.  He is dependable, smart, funny, and the best parent I know.  I love my husband.  Above all else, he is my bestest and truest friend.  Every moment I see that he spends with Emma and Carter inspire me to be a better parent.  He is so patient with Emma - even when she is stretching us to our limits.  He plays with Carter and gets up with him at night to change his diaper and soothe him.  On days when I feel as though I'm ready to crash and have been stretched thin, I remember how much love and patience my husband has for our children.  Men like my husband are few and far between.  I thank God everyday for putting Jonathan in my life and making him the man/husband/father he is today. 

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