Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day Three

Yay!  I've made it to day three... haha!  I will tell you that it has been such an encouragment to get people's comments on my challenge of not drinking soda for 28 days... even as much as getting a friend to do it also (yay, Nic!).  I think that is my favorite thing of doing this -- reading your comments and suggestions!  And I definitely think I will take Becca's suggestion and ordering a glass of water with my sweet tea when I'm out to eat.  I think this will definitely help me to not order so much tea and keep that at a minimum.  :)

I am pretty darn proud of myself... while I haven't lost any weight since I've started this (a whole whoppin' three days, I have found myself drinking more water.  If you know me, this is quite an accomplishment!

I will say that today was not without it's temptations.  While running errands, my daughter adamantly told me that she wanted a drink - 50 billion times... in a row.  Normally, when this happens, I try to distract her and it usually works... today it was an umbrella of her very own.  I had promised her at the beginning of our errand running, that if she was good, that I would buy her an umbrella.  She is absolutely obsessed with carrying her own and let me tell you... it's not a pretty picture -- her carrying the umbrella, thus making me squat to keep myself and Carter underneath it, while it is massively pouring outside.  Usually at this time, my shirt will come up in the back, my pants will slide down to show a wonderful image of the perfect plumber's crack, and I will have to use one hand to pull my shirt down to cover it up - while still trying to keep my daughter out of traffic and balancing my 100lb son and his car seat (okay - so I know he's not even near 100lbs, but he sure is heavy!), and keep myself from looking like a drowned rat.  Anyways, back to the drink story.  She would not be disuaded from the lack of drink that I was not providing!  So, as I went into the ghetto - and yes, I definitely mean ghetto, Kmart, I thought that hopefully there would be something that I would willingly venture to buy from this Kmart.  Fortunately, there was a Little Caesars inside of this store - but low and behold - there was nothing but soda and slushies.  I mean, c'mon!  Seriously?  Just tempt a girl.  I honestly thought to myself, why not?  Emma's whining, Carter is fussing, and I really REALLY want a soda.  Who would know?!  Lol.  Luckily, I got a hold of myself and told myself that it was not even an option to go buy a fountain soda and I turned myself and my kids around and went hunting for some water.  Are you proud of me?  Okay, so I seriously couldn't make it 3 days without being tempted, but hey - that's a long time for me to be deprived of soda!  ;)

So here is our weight as of today:

Jonathan:  168.0 (-1.0)
Gina:  141.4 (+1.0)


Nic said...

I'm PROUD OF YOU! GO Gina! (And I completely agree that babies, no matter how tiny they are, weigh a TON in those dang seats!)

Mommy2NandL said...

Yay Gina! Way to resist temptation! Loved the umbrella story btw :)