Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Fall!

Fall could quite possibly be my most favorite time of the year... the smells, the changing of the leaves, the cool - but not cold - weather.  It all adds up to a perfect time for being with family!

This morning, I was fortunate to be able to take this little farmer to school: 

Today was the Fall Harvest party at school and the kids were supposed to dress like a farmer or a farm animal.  Don't I have the cutest little farmer ever? :)  Of course, I am a little biased. 

I also love fall for football.  When I had the chance to travel to PA to spend the week with my mom and brother, I had the chance to see my little brother play in Pony Football (5th and 6th graders).

 My cute handsome little brother :)

 Who knows why he stands like that... lol. 

We also got the chance to go to one of Kurt's practices.  And let me just tell you, in northcentral PA it IS COLD!  But oh so beautiful!

My mom and Emma near CARP Park waiting on Kurt while he is at football practice. 

This is a picture of the PA Grand Canyon (borrowed from my friend, Talia - thanks!).  Aren't the leaves absolutely gorgeous?  PA has the best fall leaves in the world.  Incidentally, this is actually where Jon and I got engaged.  :)

And to end our wonderful fall experience in PA, Emma got to take a trip back to my childhood and ride this wonderful merry go round at the park... oh the joys of being a child.  Annnnd the joys of being the adult that had to run in circles to get it moving.  That was so much easier 15 years ago.  I must be getting old!  ;)

Well I sure do love fall for so many reasons.  What do YOU love about fall?

**Day 4 of No Soda**
Jonathan:  166.0 (-3.0)
Gina:  140.4 (0.0)


Mommy2NandL said...

what a cute little farmer you have! :)

Nic said...

Emma looks SO cute! And Kurt is getting too big...he's making me feel old...I just think of the little cutie pie running the halls in Fletcher on move-in day :(

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of our beautiful home town :)