Thursday, June 24, 2010

Open Mouth... Insert Foot

So today I had the pleasure of meeting a man in the mall who decided that it just took too much out of him to think before he spoke.  Yes, that is right -- there are people out there who say things they shouldn't.  And yes -- these certain people think they are genius.  Or at least this guy did. 

I will be the first to admit that I am not the smallest pregnant woman in the world, but please, please -- someone tell me that I'm not the largest!  Although I know that I certainly do not look nearly as attractive as this cartoon above, I would like to think that my body does not resemble one carrying twins... this is at least according to the wonderfully blunt man I encountered today.   

I can honestly laugh at this because I have come to realize that what a pregnant woman might think is worthy of an all out brawl on the floor (I sure could have punched that guy), I realize that it's just not worth it.  He's still going to think what he does, and punching him in the face is certainly not going to change his opinion of me!  Lol... not to mention that with all of my other complaints, I really don't need a black and blue eye to go with my back pain... :)

All of this to say, please, before you make a random comment to a pregnant woman, think before you talk, or we may just stick that foot in your mouth for you! 

When I was pregnant with Emma, there used to be a patient that came in once a month and he would exclaim how much he loved pregnant women and how beautiful he thought they all are.  At the time, I'm not going to lie, as charming as he was, I kind of thought it was creepy.  But as I look back, I understand that he was reminding me how thankful I should be for this God given gift!

To all of you wonderful pregnant women - past or present - who have encountered someone who does not immediately say something wonderfully nice about you and all the work you do to bring another wonderful beautiful baby in the world - just remember this: They most likely are just jealous that they don't have a built in shelf like we do!  ;) 


Mommy2NandL said...

So sorry about your incounter Gina! I totally understand. I'm sure you remember how large I got with Lydia. People were all the time asking me if I was having twins. You are beautiful. Don't worry about what that guy said.

Lauren said...

Girlfriend, oh no he didn't! :) And I think you're gorgeous, so next time take me to the mall with you, and I will tell that man where to stick his comment! ;)

Katelyn said...

I've yet to figure out why normal rules of etiquette fly out the window when people speak to pregnant woman. Apparently you're supposed to carry an 8+ pound baby, amniotic fluid, placenta etc. all the while maintaining a 6 pack??? What a whack! I know first hand that you are one beautiful and graceful pregnant woman. I vote you kiss him off, go get yourself a pedicure and a good book and enjoy a relaxing day all to yourself.