Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not Me Monday... on Wednesday

I have NOT completely become so caught up in my appearance that I have NOT started getting extremely cranky at random people who make comments about how big I am.  I definitely do NOT hold this against them, and I most likely will NOT hold a grudge against them until this little boy enters the world and I can wear normal clothes again.

It now takes me so long to get up and down because of my laziness tiredness and size, that I definitely do NOT send my 2-1/2 year old daughter to do all of my dirty work - letting the dog in, throwing trash away, and putting in her own movies in the dvd player.  This definitely has NOT spread to my husband who now has her standing on a stool drying dishes and putting dishes away from the dishwasher.  Did I mention she's 2-1/2?  I guess it's never too young to start having chores... ;-)

I have definitely NOT become such a big Grey's Anatomy junkie that I did NOT race to the mailbox everyday hoping and praying for the next installment in the series from Netflix.  I have NOT scheduled most everything this week based on the ample amount of time I plan on spending vegging out in front of the tv watching it. 

I have NOT craved a 675 calorie drink everyday from McDonald's and I would NOT ever get upset if my husband didn't get my ever-so-subtle hints that he was supposed to bring me home a Mocha Frappe everyday from work. 

I have NOT used my belly as a holding area for my cell phone, cereal bowl, or drink.  (And I definitely am NOT proud of this and accuse my husband that he was just jealous he didn't have one!)

I have NOT realized how much food and/or drink I spill down the front of me until I had something to catch it all on... ahem. 

Have you had a NOT ME moment?  Feel free to share!

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Nic said...

Reason # 156451231864651.201534 why I love Gina...she makes me feel normal!! (p.s. - I most definitely did NOT do all of the above over the course of the last year ;) )