Monday, June 1, 2009

Just call me a slacker...

So it's been almost a week and a half, and here I am posting pictures from my beach vacation. And like the title of my post, you can just call me a slacker. :) Anyways... on to my trip to the beach!

This year, Jon's family - well part of their family - decided to get together for a family vacation. The Sanford Dickinson's (Josh, Trisha, Brooke, and Conner) and the Lynchburg Dickinson's (Jon's mom and dad), and the Roanoke Dickinsons (us!) traveled to the Outer Banks. Specifically we stayed in Corolla, NC. It was such a nice little area. Fortunately, we were visitors before Memorial Day so we were able to enjoy Corolla more like locals and less like a few of a million tourists! We were able to enjoy a couple of local places that we hopefully will be able to visit again - Crumbles (a cookie bakery) - more specifically!

The first couple of days we were there, I'm sad to say it was very rainy and cold - uncommon this time of year there, as told to us by the locals. But we were still able to enjoy ourselves in the hot tub and in the indoor pool/sports center that is used by those at the resort. We were able to enjoy some wonderful beachy days, however, near the end of our vacation! Hopefully, we'll go back again next year and enjoy a WHOLE week of wonderful beachy weather!

Trisha and I at Steamers - waiting on our 4lbs of snow crab, 3lbs of shrimp, 8 corn on the cob, and hush puppies!

The boys - they look a little more hungry! :)

Getting ready to head out on the water on the sea doos... :)

Emma LOVED the beach. She was fearless of the water and loved catching some rays in her beach chair... lol.

This picture was taken near the beginning of vacation - the reason for the coat and jeans. It was freezing!

The two most important people in my life!

Nothing like laying out in the hammock gazing at the ocean!

Family photo opportunity!

Momma and baby time!

And so there are some of my pictures of the beach. Let me just tell you that if you want to see more they are on my facebook page. As you already know, I'm a slacker - so I didn't upload them all ;) But, I do have some more to post later this afternoon! Yay! Two posts in one day - hopefully. In the meantime, I will be contemplating what 5.2 might mean to a good friend of mine. Hmmm...

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yaaaaay! beach pics! love them! and what do you think of 5.2 now?