Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As I was perusing Craigslist the other day, I came upon a Dora kitchen that was for sale. After checking out to see whether it would be a good deal or not (which I did find), I called the lady up and arranged to pick it up.

Unfortunately after putting our new purchase in the car, Emma realized that there was this huge toy sitting right next to her in the car and was not happy that she was not allowed to play with it... yet. Hahaha...

As you can see, I thought that the reason that she was crying her eyes out for 30 minutes was because she was hungry -- hence the reason for the raisins in her hand. It was past dinner time. However, this was not the reason for the meltdown in the car.

So, Jon and I made a plan upon arrival at home. He would take Emma in, change her diaper (I thought maybe she was crying so hard that maybe she had a really bad diaper rash) and then feed her some dinner. My job was to take the kitchen downstairs (so I could clean it before she got to it) -- out of sight, out of mind, right?

Nope. She still cried. There was nothing wrong with her tush, and she was not interested in her food. Now, those of you who know Emma, know that she NEVER, and I mean never!, turns down food - unless she's sick.

Being the softy that I am, I didn't follow through on the plan. Yep, that's right, I let her play with it. Hmmm... needless to say, this solved the crying issue.

Emma playing with her new Dora kitchen! Woo...

Definitely think I made the right choice in purchasing it. She loves it!


josh said...

thank you for that story...your kids are crazier then mine. yeah :)

Nic said...

Alyssa has the same kitchen and LOVES it even 2 years later!