Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Me Monday

The other day, while at the mall on a play date, my well potty trained daughter did not have an accident.  (My husband did not totally jinx this, by the way).  I definitely did not forget to bring an extra set of clothes with me and I did not carry my daughter all the way to the bathroom without her socks and shoes on.  I did not dry out her underwear and jeans on the hand dryer in the bathroom and therefore let her wear the the same clothes for the rest of the day.  Not me!

I have not watched about a kabillion hours of Brothers & Sisters on Netflix over the last week.  I did not watch it while Emma was in the room and then realize that there was content not appropriate for an almost three year old to watch and I did not jump up like a jumping bean to distract her from the tv while I turned it off.  (So that's why they put these shows on so late at night... ah hem.)

I did not realize while holding Carter that he was on the verge of going #2 in his diaper.  I did not pass him off to his dadda so that I could get out of diaper changing duty.  Not me!

I did not buy some new comfy pants the other day and I defintely did not love them so much that I didn't want to take them off.  I did not take my daughter to school in those same pants.  (Hey!  It was pajama day in her class.  I didn't think there was a problem!  School participation and all.)

My daughter has not started to say "You're driving me nuts!"  I do not know who she heard that from!  :)

Have you had any "Not Me" moments this week?

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Mommy2NandL said...

too funny. I loved how you dried Emma's pants with the hand drier. Very resourceful. :)