Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Me Monday...

I do not plant my toddler in her high chair every morning with a poptart and a movie so that I can go back to bed for 20 minutes while the newborn is still sleeping.  I definitely do not rank 20 minutes of sleep as more important than letting my daughter watch cartoons every morning.  Not me!

I did not find my toddler hiding underneath her bed the other day with a pillow and some books avoiding a certain crying newborn.  I did not seriously also contemplate crawling under there with her.  Not me!

I definitely have not already labeled my 3 week old newborn as high maintenance.  Not me!  Lucky for him he's such a cutie!  ;) 

I do not go around in my pajamas all day long.  And when I finally do take a shower, I definitely do not put another set of pajamas on.  Hey!  At least they are clean!  ;) 

I did not go through drive-thru at Starbuck's to buy just a gift card.  I also did not judge the cashier/barista when he suggested that I come in and pick out the card that I wanted.  I mean, sheesh, can't they see through the intercom system that I am a mother of 2 and it would be more work than it's worth to unbuckle them both and take them into the cafe?! 

I did not find out this last week that I owed the Roanoke Library $39 in late charges.  I also did not send my husband in to find out how much it was because I was embarrassed.  I did not avoid the library for 4 years all because I did not return 2 books.  (By the way, fortunately, by returning 2 said books, they lowered my fee considerably... wow.  I'm such a loser!  I mean, who racks up $39 in late charges... Not me!)

I also am not so incredibly excited about my toddler starting preschool in September that I am counting down the days.  And the reason that I am so excited is not because I am counting on taking a nap during those two hours!  Not me!

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Lauren said...

a morning nap during preschool... i never thought of that! but now i am excited too. :)

and savannah has a poptart and cartoons every morning just so i get a few minutes of quiet. :)