Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Me!

I was so inspired by one of my very good friend's blog (here) about her Not Me Edition, I decided to share some of my very own "Not Me's."

1. A couple of weeks ago, I definitely did NOT go at least 3 miles out of my way (in the completely opposite direction) to get my nails done (a place where I've been dozens of times). I also did NOT blame it on pregnancy and deny the fact that I just had a serious blond moment.

2. I did NOT get so excited about downloading the redbox app on my phone, that I insisted that we use it right away and go and rent the movie Up. I also did NOT get so confused by the redbox machine (thinking that it would work just like my cell phone by using my finger to slide one page to the next) that I freaked out, cancelled what I was doing, and ran back to the car to demand that my husband come and help me figure out this "new" technology. Oh... and I am definitely NOT admitting that I am only 27 and should not have been stumped by this type of easy technology...

3. I would NEVER take advantage of my daughter by sending her to the closet to get some fruit snacks and then when she was looking the other way, steal a couple for my own enjoyment!

4. I would also NOT ever hide in my bedroom eating chocolate or some type of snack so that I wouldn't have to share with my 2 year old. I would NOT tell you that I cannot truly blame this on pregnancy since I've done it ever since my daughter was one.

5. I definitely have NOT hidden the remote from my husband after I changed the channel to something besides basketball and I definitely did NOT lie to him when I told him I had no clue where the remote was!

6. I also did NOT go downstairs and unplug my husbands big screen TV so that when he later went down to watch basketball, he would freak out and think something was wrong. I definitely did NOT do this as a punishment for him making some joke about my pregnancy! Not me!

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Lauren said...

hahaha. :) you made me laugh out loud several times. i love the hiding the remote and unplugging the tv. enough bball already!