Thursday, August 6, 2009

What I've Learned...

1. Never leave a box of opened mints on the table in front of an 18-month old.

She WILL get her hand stuck in the box while she grabs at ALL of the mints at one time and is unwilling to let any of them go.

2. A child with an extreme shoe fetish WILL go into said child's mother's bedroom and find her mother's new nike shox and she WILL put them on her feet and WALK AROUND THE ENTIRE HOUSE, while still drinking from her sippy cup.

3. Leaving one's socks on the floor WILL lead to your 18-month old finding them, not only attempting to put them on, but also successfully placing them on the right appendage.

Too bad it appears she may be color blind. Apparently, she thought they would match her outfit!

4. Do not leave the high chair available without FIRST replacing the tray back onto the chair - otherwise you may find this...

Did I mention we have a barstool height table and chairs???

1 comment:

The Beckner Bulletin said...

oh my goodness i love the socks! that picture is adorable. she was totally sportin' her style. :) - Lauren