Thursday, July 9, 2009


July has been a fascinatingly busy month for the Dickinson family. As it is, I can't believe that it is July, but sheesh, the month is already half over! Crazy. This month has been filled with an anniversary - ours :), a trip to the safari zoo with family, pool time with friends, celebration of the 4th of July (one of my most favorite holidays), and a stop at the Salem Fair. Whew... and it's only the 8th of July?! Wow.

Here is a picture of Jonathan and I before heading out to a wonderfully fancy dinner. Don't we look like we haven't aged a bit nice? :)

We spent a fabulous evening out, chatting, eating a wonderfully slow dinner with at least 4 courses - and all without having Emma. Thanks, Uncle Joel for babysitting sitting in the house while Emma slept.

Emma and I also had the wonderful opportunity to travel and see Grandma, her 3 cousins - Brooke, Conner, and Noel, and Aunt Jocelyn. We first traveled throught the Safari Zoo - which I must say is a wonderful opportunity. I think it was so much fun. :)

Here are the four cousins - all together! Brooke, Conner, Noel, and Emma.

Here they are again, waiting for juice boxes!

My beautiful little girl is growing up...

And then we had the wonderful opportunity to have Jessica and her daughter, Olivia over for some pool time! Of all days, it wasn't quite hot out, but the girls had a time of it!


And then, it was one of my most favorite holidays... 4th of July. The day we can celebrate our freedom and our blessings of being a free American citizen. Thank you for all who served to make this day a day of celebration!
To reminisce - here is a picture of Emma last year in her holiday outfit...

And here she is - one year later. So grown-up!
We then went down to Riverside to watch the fireworks! For some reason, Emma thought it was super cool to walk with her hands behind her back - so cute!

My two most favorite people!

And then yesterday, we took a trek over to the Salem Fair!

The reason we came - for FUNNEL CAKE! :)

Dadda thought it would be funny to put sugar on Emma's nose... "Really, Dadda?"

We have had such a fun-filled month of July so far. And to think there is more than half of the month to come. I love summertime!

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The Beckner Bulletin said...

oh my goodness - she has grown so much in a year!!! booo for growing up! :)